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The basis for lasting success of your sales staff.


Turning motivation into a sense of achievement with the right techniques.


“Knowledge” does not yet mean “ability.”


Sales seminars for salespeople and managers

The seminar content can be combined, customized or specially designed as appropriate.

Sales techniques

2 DAYS – theory and training

základy (koučování zákazníka prostřednictvím technik dotazování, analýza potřeb, rozpoznávání a používání nákupních signálů, řešení námitek)

Telefonické oslovování

2 DAYS – theory and training

Objective setting, guideline development, conversation entry and telephone hook, objection handling, internet research, customer management, effectiveness analysis – Special technique: creating an “elevator pitch”.

Negotiation techniques

2 DAYS – theory and training

successful negotiation, S.P.A.N. technique, Win-Win technique, NOA© technique, working with difficult customers, INSIGHTS© personality typology in sales

Sales team development (for managers)

2 DAYS – theory and training

successful employee recruitment, profile of a manager, planning techniques, ideal employee profile, sources for employee search, targeted approach, conducting selection and career and recruitment interviews, objection handling, selection process, onboarding

Leading correctly - stabilizing a sales team (for managers)

2 DAYS – theory and training

Induction phase, analysis of current situation, leadership styles, team motivation, target discussions, time management, planning techniques, team meetings, employee coaching, self-motivation

Individual seminars and workshops

theory and training

Possibility of individual conception of seminar contents, depending on the current needs of the customer – e.g. “Price negotiations with increasing energy prices”.


Why “MTT” – “motivation”, “techniques”, “training”?

Sales is the key area in any company. Weakness” in any other part of the company may also be disruptive, but a failure of sales is fatal in any case.

At the same time, the sales employee is usually of a completely different ilk than a clerk, an employee in the legal department, or even a creative marketeer. A “sales person”, however often it may be invoked otherwise, is usually a lone fighter, similar to a tennis player. What does it take to turn someone who plays tennis into a superstar?


Have you ever had a situation where your sales team went home highly motivated after a meeting or corporate event, but after a few days that motivation waned and soon after nothing was evident? What’s important if you want to consistently and measurably awaken or increase an individual employee’s will to succeed, especially in sales?

Read more about motivation

Motivation refers to the drive, the “motive” to want to achieve something specific and to be willing to take all necessary steps to achieve this goal. A basic distinction is made between two different types of motivation – extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation is understood to be the classic, often superficially transferred motivation from the outside, which provides a common goal for a totality, the achievement of which should be desirable. This can be coupled both with the mediation of positive incentives, such as a financial reward, with an incentive or also with the threat of negative consequences, e.g. with the expulsion from the company.

Extrinsic motivation is often and readily used because it does not necessarily require individual feedback from the “motivated” and it can be applied in groups. However, the major disadvantage of “extrinsic” motivation is that it usually only lasts for a short time and wears off after a few days, often after just three days, and therefore has to be repeated again and again.

The intrinsic form of motivation, in which the inner drive of the individual “players” or sales employees is awakened and an intrinsic process of development is set in motion, is somewhat more laborious in the first step, but lasts for a long time. That’s why I place the highest value in my seminars, especially in the course of the training, but also in the discussions with the participants, to address the individual ideas and abilities and to “strengthen” the individual strengths.


Have you already experienced that an initially motivated employee has failed due to failures and has ultimately given up out of frustration? Especially in sales, it is important to support and stabilize the inner drive and joy in the new task through a sense of achievement. This is precisely why the acquisition of the skills and abilities that are crucial to success is an essential foundation for lasting and stable professional success.

Read more about techniques

Being able to use the right technique at the right moment is the key skill for lasting success. Certain basic techniques are necessary, which you literally have to master in your sleep in order to be able to compete at all. Roger Federer, for example, practiced returns with the ball machine for five hours every day during his most successful period. This may seem excessive to the outsider, since for a long time he was the best the sport of tennis had to offer. However, mastering the most basic techniques in your sleep is the foundation for continued success – no matter what you do. A good driver performs most of his actions while driving unconsciously, without thinking about it.

In addition, there are some “special arts” and “tricks” that can turn even an average salesperson into a top salesperson if he or she not only knows them, but also uses them regularly and ultimately masters them.

In addition to the ability to master basic techniques, such as questioning techniques and thus the “coaching” of the customer, to know special “feints”, with each individual there is still the personal touch, the individual esprit, which makes it possible in individual cases to also use special techniques, which would even be counterproductive with others.

This approach to teaching sales techniques is necessary to bring out the maximum potential of a sales team and thus enable the maximum possible sales success of a company.


Why do the best tennis players often spend hours every day practicing the simplest movements with the ball machine? The “sharpest sword”, i.e. the knowledge of the best sales techniques, is virtually worthless if you can’t handle it. “Knowledge” does not yet mean “ability”.

Read more about training

All the knowledge about the best techniques in the world is virtually useless if you are not able to apply them specifically in the sales process.

That’s why training plays a central role in my seminars, at least to break down the first hurdles or even concerns of the employees and to develop an initial trust and confidence in the functioning of the techniques taught.

During the training, all participants have the opportunity to experience and discover the playfulness of the implementation. Afterwards, however, it is crucial to ensure the lasting application of the learned contents, which must be the task of the person responsible for sales or the sales manager, which is why I strongly recommend the participation of the superiors in my seminars, together with the sales team, in order to ensure that the employees possibly do not fall back into the “old rut” after the first failures.

Of course, I am also available to the company after a completed seminar for questions and as a contact person for the content taught in the seminar.


My references



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Wüstenrot poisťovňa a.s. Slovensko – insurance
Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG Österreich – Home loan and savings bank 
Wüstenrot stavebná sporiteľňa, a.s. Slovensko – Home loan and savings bank


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Financial Services Network


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Cosmetics distribution company


MBI Marketingberatung International spol. s r.o. Slovensko

Financial Services Network


Nürnberger Versicherung AG Österreich

Austrian insurance company


CWS-boco Česká republika, s.r.o.

Czech subsidiary of CWS-boco international – Workwear Services


Rentokil Initial Czech Republic and Slovakia

Hygiene Services


Generali AG Österreich

Austrian insurance company

About me

Dipl.-Kfm. Dipl.-Volksw. Zdeněk Kedroutek

After successfully completing his studies in business administration and economics in Germany, Zdeněk Kedroutek worked almost continuously in sales, where he acquired a wealth of experience as a sales trainer, motivational speaker and sales manager. In his function as HR Director and Head of Organizational Development at Wüstenrot Insurance and Building Society in Slovakia, he was, among other things, significantly responsible for the development and implementation of a completely new training concept for sales representatives, as well as for the first-time introduction of a sound corporate mission. In various companies from different industries he has conducted, with excellent results and feedback, hundreds of training sessions, from workshops lasting several hours to seminars lasting several days, many of which he designed and developed himself.






What do seminar participants say?

Outstanding communication skills coupled with sympathy as well as excellent rhetoric and a pinch of humor – that is Mr. Kedroutek’s recipe for success.

After almost ten years in sales, I can draw the following conclusion: Communication = sales – verbally through words and language as well as non-verbally through gestures and body language. These are exactly the topics Mr. Kedroutek masters almost perfectly and he can also use them optimally in conversations in order to meet the different types of people in the sales world at eye level.

Kevin Winkler

Insurance consultant, GENERALI insurance Austria

Working with Zdeněk is a pleasure. His professional approach, knowledge, experience and last but not least his positive attitude towards life are an inspiration for everyone. We first worked together 10 years ago, and I always use his services when it comes to moving my team forward, motivating them and filling them with optimism.” I highly recommend him to everyone.

Daniela Hanušková

Costomer Team Manager at CWS Group

A seminar with Zdenek Kedroutek stands out from many sales trainings due to high sales practice. Not practices that may work or are only implementable with a “mountain” of self-confidence, no!, the applicable sales technique meets the customer at eye level and makes the seller look extremely serious and professional.

Highly recommended and a MUST for every salesperson who wants to be among the best.

Gerhard Schneebauer

Financial Advisor, Wüstenrot savings bank Austria

Fully motivated trainer who responded well to our wishes. Super practical solutions through the needs analysis. Thanks for the great seminar!

Uwe Busch

Director of Sales, Wüstenrot insurance Slovakia

Anyone who has ever met Zdenek Kedroutek as a speaker or salesman immediately senses his very special, youthful, optimistic charisma. The “Everything will be fine!” conveyed by his whole being quickly transfers to everyone in the room and where walls were before, doors quickly open. In addition to all the professional technique, Zdenek always conveys a portion of confidence and joy, thickly applied with a mason’s trowel, which burns itself like magic into the hearts of the participants. On the often brittle runway of sales, this then unfolds into a shining torch of cordiality. People like that make you want to buy.

As a former colleague at Lombagine Cosmetics, I have been able to observe this over a long time and with countless of Zdenek’s participants.

Armin Stelzner

Entrepreneur, motivator, producer, Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Around 2006/2007 I had the pleasure and honor to work together with Zdenek in a sales unit of an Austrian financial service provider! Our agendas included not only the technical insurance topics but also the “sales fitness” of the sales team!
On the one hand, Zdenek succeeds in presenting “dry” material in an extremely lively manner, and on the other hand, he has the gift of really “motivating” people! They say: if you can sell well, it doesn’t matter WHAT you sell! And Zdenek belongs for me to the TOP salesmen, in this case sales trainers on the market!

Philipp Lasinger

Sales executive and product specialist in Linz, Upper Austria


Seminar prices


The seminar price includes all participant documents, individual preparation and subsequent analysis of the training.


Seminar costs per full seminar day

All seminars are designed and conducted on the basis of thorough preparation in consultation with the customer. The number of seminar days can be agreed individually, depending on the scope. The price per seminar day, including documents, preparation and follow-up:

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